1. I’m a bit behind with listening to my podcast backlog, so I only just heard The Meta-Cast episode called “Agile Coaching Demystified“. Bob Galen and Josh Anderson talk about the Agile Coach role, including the need to assess one’s capabilities. I don’t think it should surprise any Agile Coach that being a coach is a journey – there’s always room to grow and improve. In my post’s “What Do I Do?” section, I wrote, “As a coach, it’s important that I am coachable and continually seeking to improve.”

    Straight after that podcast, I listened to “Definitely, Maybe Agile” episode 119, “Navigating the Agile landscape: Insights on Roles, Productivity, and Remote Work” in which Dave Sharrock, Peter Maddison and guest Brock Argue discuss the future of agile roles as many organisations cut back their headcount, and the hybrid model / return to office. I’m not sure if it warrants its own blog post, but I think the push for Return To Office is largely misguided – as much as I believe that face-to-face communication is the most effective, a lot of those companies have geographically distributed teams so in one breath they say they want everyone back in the office but then expect them to jump on a video call to talk to the rest of their team in another country. (OK, I might write a post after all!)

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