Paul Henman, Agile Coach


Paul Henman has been an agile coach for over ten years, working with small (single team) organisations through to multinational corporations. He has coached teams, managers, directors and VPs in engineering and product groups, as well as non-technical stakeholders.

Before coaching, he was a software developer, team lead, project manager, and QA manager. When he joined Systematic Software Engineering he had the opportunity to recruit a team and co-create many practices that were subsequently discovered to be very similar to Scrum. The team naturally coordinated via daily stand-ups and weekly retrospectives; they worked in short iterations, providing monthly deliveries to get end-user feedback.

Recently Paul has aided engineering leadership with the evolution of software development processes; facilitated lean coffee sessions, workshops, and team coaching sessions; fostered the use of spikes to reduce risk; introduced a range of retrospective techniques, and recommended tools for more structured approaches to discussing user stories and epics.

He also coached delivery teams, managers, product owners, and stakeholders; helped them create roadmaps and growth plans; designed and delivered workshops to support that growth; facilitated additional learning opportunities (e.g. lean coffee sessions, book clubs, communities of practice); facilitated Agility Health (maturity) assessment for the program management team.

As a member of Agile coaching teams: facilitated regular community meetups for Agile practitioners across the company to share their challenges and discoveries; pair-coached geographically distributed teams; mentored new scrum masters and coaches.

Recent Roles

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Other Interests

  • Toronto Agile Community: volunteer, photographer
  • Photography: founder & organiser of Toronto Photo Walks for amateur & established photographers
  • Badminton: player, executive committee member and webmaster for local badminton club

Contacting Paul

email paul.henman@TorontoAgileCoach.ca
phone 647-388-5356
LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/paulhenman/ linkedin


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