Team Leader, Uniplex Limited 1992-1994

Project overview: ported Hewlett-Packard’s X.400 email server (OpenMail) to 25 flavours of UNIX as part of an office application suite.


  • Technical expert for all X.400, porting, UNIX and software quality assurance related issues.
  • Ensured BS5750 (now ISO 9001) approval for development, porting and testing division.

Technical environment:

  • Hardware: Various UNIX boxes (including DG, HP, IBM, ICL, Motorola, NCR, Pyramid, Sequent,Siemens Nixdorf, Unisys)
  • Operating systems: 22 flavours of UNIX
  • Languages: C; shell
  • Other: POSIX; X.400; RFC822; LDAP; BS 5750 / ISO 9001

Corporate website: Uniplex Ltd.