Project Manager, Ontario HIV Treatment Network 2001-2005

Project overview: the HIV Information Infrastructure Project (HIIP) had three deliverables – enhanced clinical support tools for physicians, providing data to researchers, and ensuring the secure transmission of patient data from clinics to a central database. The HIIP team was small (8 people) as the development work was largely outsourced. The OHTN is funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health; HIIP’s annual budget was $3 million.


  • Conducted a status assessment and instituted changes to revitalize the overdue project, including redefining roles and responsibilities between the project and the vendors.
  • Worked closely with the software vendor to introduce change control processes, acceptance testing methodologies and improved software rollout practices.
  • Defined business requirements for secure data extraction & transmission based on input from stakeholders; subsequently presented joint paper (“Privacy and Confidentiality in a Real World Setting”) at national eHealth conference.
  • Met critical milestones, ensuring ongoing funding for project.
  • Brought sub-contracted Clinical Management System (CMS) development to completion, including final testing.
  • Managed selection of, negotiations with, and rollout to four beta sites.
  • Designed province-wide implementation process for over 100 clinics.

Technical environment:

  • Hardware: PC
  • Operating systems: Windows
  • Other: EDIFACT; HL7; ASTM 1238

Corporate website: Ontario HIV Treatment Network.