Scrum Master (Project Manager), Siemens Enterprise Communications 2006-2008

Project overview: delivery of the next generation of HiPath ProCenter, a computer telephony integration software product used in call centres. Approximately 50 development staff; annual budget $12 million.


  • Pilot phase:
    • Championed the introduction of Scrum/Agile practices within development group.
    • As the Scrum Master with the pilot team, demonstrated benefits of adopting Scrum; also identified potential issues and recommended action plan in order to address them.
    • Coordinated regular teleconferences with other Scrum teams (mostly based in Germany) to discuss business, architectural, technical and process-related topics.
    • Facilitated the daily stand up meetings, sprint planning and review meetings, and maintained the team’s burndown chart.
    • Ensured team delivered required functionality on time by resolving roadblocks, e.g. access to remotely-hosted source code change control system.
  • HPPC Version 7:
    • As the Scrum Master for three multi-disciplinary teams, coached team members and product owners (internal customer representatives) on Agile software development techniques.
    • Developed toolset for scrum masters, e.g. standardised burndown chart and velocity calculations.
    • Facilitated regular meetings with the Scrum teams and the Product Owner to review developments (demonstrate functionality), plan for upcoming requirements (user stories) and commit to delivery in the forthcoming four week sprint.
    • Conducted retrospective sessions in which all the members of a team could identify areas for improvement (within and outside the team), resulting in specific action plans; these were reviewed during and at the end of each sprint.
    • Aided teams to ensure they consistently met requirements, delivery completed (tested and documented) functionality on time and on budget.
  • HPPC Version 7R1:
    • As the Project Scrum Master (senior project manager), provided the interface between the local scrum teams and other Siemens departments including finance, sales & support.
    • Led regular meetings with all the scrum masters and development managers (Scrum of Scrum); provided weekly progress reports to senior management both locally and overseas.
    • Brought the project in on time and on budget, delivering one of the most technically complex upgrades or enhancements to the product.

Corporate website: Siemens Enterprise Communications. [now “Unify“]