Insecure Website

You might be seeing warnings about this website not being secure (especially if you use Chrome) because it’s not using HTTPS. I’m currently trying to fix this but I’m a bit stumped because I’ve followed the same steps on all my sites and yet this one is not behaving the same as the others. They’re all hosted in the same place, with the same core plugins installed, and the SSL configuration appears to match… but only visiting results in the “insecure” / “does not support HTTPS” warnings.

This is as frustrating as a flaky automated test – is there really a problem in the product or is it falsely reporting an issue? Was it last edited by Schrodinger? My next step might be to restore it to its last known stable state, because trying to make changes on top of unreliable foundations is not a smart thing to do… and yet the temptation is to do just that, in the hope that “just one more change will fix it”. Don’t do it!